How To Train A Dog To Toilet On Command

How To Train A Dog To Toilet On Command

This tutorial is part of The Ultimate List Of Dog Trick Ideas which contains 99 other tricks like this!

Get busy is an extremely useful trick because this is the act of toileting outside on command, which will help you extensively when short of time on walks.

  1. Each time your dog toilets on walks reinforce the action and reward him.
  2. Add the command word and gradually bring it forward to encourage quick toileting.

Top tip; this trick should only take a couple of weeks to perfect when practiced regularly.

Dog trainers love this trick because it’s extremely useful to use before training sessions.

Jean Cote

Jean Cote is an animal lover and the founder of Success Dogs. For more than a decade, he has served as a coach to thousands of dog owners around the world to better train, communicate and forge a stronger bond with their dog using positive and force-free training methods.