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I would absolutely recommend this program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan). Fun easy to understand videos, with great demonstrations by Jean. Steps were small and incremental – never overwhelming. This was a very rewarding way to teach my dogs how to walk beautifully on a leash….and I am loving the results!!

Suzanne S.

Maryland, USA

It is true that this program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) connects you more to your dog, it did for me and Sammy. I really like positive training. I had a trainer who told me that my Sammy was beyond the chain collar and needed a prong collar. Yes, I recommend this program!

Luci A.

California, USA

After learning the basics from this program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) and applying them we started to see results right away. We had a sense of what we should be doing and were able to enforce and grow from that with the tools provided by the program. It wasn’t like we had the perfect puppy overnight but the results were quick as we established boundaries and goals.

Jamie T.

Ontario, Canada

I have had success with your course (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) and thank you very much. Your videos are concise, enjoyable for both me and my two dogs. I started over again with my older girl ‘Penny’ and she livens up nicely. I wouldn’t like you to change the way you present the lessons and please give your gorgeous BC a hug from me.

Trish B.

Victoria, Australia

Both my dog and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Walk In Harmony Game Plan. The training game lessons are easy to follow and great fun. My dog is becoming so much easier to handle now due to using the techniques shown and the fact that the lessons are available online for a year means we can continue at our own pace until we have completely mastered all the training games. I would most certainly recommend this program to anyone. Jean is amazing with his dogs and without a doubt is a fantastic trainer. Follow his advice and you simply can’t go wrong.

Helen B.

Scotland, UK

My dog is a 9 month old Doodle who was very easily distracted by birds, cats, other dogs and especially squirrels. The walk was a constant struggle because he would zone out at the sight of any of these. He would become extremely excited, pulling and barking and then remain in that state of excitement for the rest of the walk. We had an AHA moment where I understood how to apply the “It’s your choice” principal to the beginning of the walk. Some days we don’t walk at all we just practice going back and forth up the driveway working on self control and paying attention to me. This has greatly improved our walk. He is much much better when passing dogs now. He still gets really excited with squirrels but he seems to recover from them a little quicker so that I get his attention back. He is still a work in progress and we have a ways to go yet but I feel more confident now with the tools I learned from Jean’s program. I have always used positive reinforcement when training Doby but the addition of the ‘its your choice’ component has made a huge difference. I would highly recommend this program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) to any dog owner who would like to train their dog in such a way that they build a great relationship with their dog and have fun along the way. This program is highly affordable and easy to follow and that makes it a very good value.

Lise D.

Québec, Canada

The Walk In Harmony Game Plan will give you a fabulous starting point for your new puppy. For those folks with a grown dog needing extra help, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

Margy J.

New South Wales, Australia

The program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) has allowed us to work together with a great program that was easy to follow. Any questions I had were answered with so many helpful hints and fine tuning. My dog is listening to me and responding to my commands. I love the idea that fun is alway built in so that it was not boring. Walking now is so much more relaxing. I now know how she will respond in situations and I have tools. Thank you so much. Barbara and Maya

Barbara S.

Ontario, Canada

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) has been so much fun, and has created a stronger bond between me and my puppy. She loves the training sessions. Positive reinforcement is by far the best training technique in my opinion, as you are working with the dog in a fun way rather than dominating the dog, and training through fear. I have been to one group training class, and was appalled at the techniques used there; this is an infinitely superior course. I would definitely recommend this course to any dog owner.

Tanya H.

England, UK

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) has been a great experience for both myself and my dog. I have learned many simple games to play with my dog which have resulted in our relationship getting better, us enjoying each other more, her walking better on a leash, and me learning how to train her in a positive way with excellent results. Jean has given me hope and effective tools where I was just discouraged before. I would highly recommend this program to both new dog owners and those who want some new, positive tools to help them work with their dog.

Nannette H.

Oregon, USA

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) provides a reward based system of showing the dog where he should be when he is on-lead. It systematically progresses from step to step in logical order. Each (easy) step is professionally demonstrated and also includes ‘trouble-shooting’. It develops the dog-owner relationship through play, ensuring that the dog wants to be close by.

Lynne H.

Queensland, Australia

This is a very useful program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) for owners who have no idea how to start to teach the dog to walk on a loose lead. If you are a dog trainer looking for new ideas probably would not offer too much. I like how Jean taught the exercises clearly and that every video was short enough (3-4 minutes) not to overwhelm people. At the weekend you don`t get new videos to be able to catch up. All in all a very useful program.

Zsuzsa B.

England, UK

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) has shown me how fun and easy it can be to train my dog. Jean breaks down something as difficult to train as loose leash walking, and makes it into a series of games that are so simple, you won’t even realize your dog is learning something. The process feels natural and playful, with no stress on you or your dog. Why would anyone train their dog any other way? I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is new to training their dog, or who has never used a positive reinforcement program before. He takes the complicated methods and terms that you may have heard from other trainers, but makes them easy to understand and put into practice with your own dog. He will make you feel like a pro, and you will soon be helping all your friends train their dogs as well.

Carol D.

British Columbia, Canada

This program has connected me and my dog through positive reinforcement training. Walk In Harmony has reinforced what I had forgotten, even with my older dog I was easy and fun to learn how to heel. Heeling was never important because we were learning agility. I have already recommended this course (and dog trick academy) to my friends.

Lynn C.

Oregon, USA

Jean Cote’s programme on positive reward training (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) was certainly one of the BEST investments I have paid for – no classes, no fuel costs and no ‘waiting’ around to ‘do my turn’! Jean Cote has changed my perspective on training and I am much more realistic in my expectations. Having had MANY dogs including Boxers, and bred Westies I thought I had done pretty well. Jean Cote has given me a much faster and patient methodology in training and with my latest (18 months at start of training) Chester – a Husky cross Alaskan Malamute, weighing now 6 stone+, it has been so rewarding for both of us in learning to ‘talk’ and ‘respond’ to each other – particularly as Chester is my ‘soul mate’ and just wants to ‘be’ with me and please me! (Having read and studied ‘Equus’ by Monty Roberts, I also apply my own observations to Chester’s body language and can often ‘predict’ and ‘prevent’ what he’s going to do (eg spring onto the sofa, or me on the bed!’ before he does it! I only need to say ‘No’, or ‘ Away, lie down’ or ‘out’ and he obeys! (Except when in one of his ‘manic mad energetic moods’!) YES! I would certainly recommend this programme to dog owners – in fact I already give your details out. If you can produce a book with CD video sessions on a day-to-day session training I reckon you would do extremely well! I personally love the on-line training as I can replay on my phone (and show my friends with dogs) or my laptop.

Marianne C.

England, UK

Fantastic easy to follow and understand instructions (Walk In Harmony Game Plan), and videos clearly proves that using positive methods work. Following this and seeing the improvements in my dog is so satisfying especially when people stop and comment on how well she is walking, behaving. Even though we still have a way to go before she and I get to where I want us to be together as a partnership, my skills in training her grow by the week. It improves our bond and partnership and she loves it, when it all comes together and she starts to repeat the behaviour I was wanting the happiness for us both is priceless. Best of all I have the course to keep returning back to for reference and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Diane C.

England, UK

I love the program. It is a step by step process…easily broken down into short lessons. The program is done in a way that it is easy to review a lesson if needed so you can work at your own pace. My dog was extremely energetic. Because of this program, our relationship has improved so much. I have seen a huge change in my dog and I know he just wants to please! The “Walk In Harmony” was just what we needed!!

Fredda M.

South Carolina, USA

I would recommend this program of positive reinforcement training (Walk In Harmony Game Plan). Jean has done an easy to follow program that I am following and having success with my dog Paddy a German Shorthaired Pointer, who is very head strong. The program has made Paddy look to me and we are now more in tune to each other A great way to start a new pup or older dog with lots of fun.

Josephine H.

Queensland, Australia

This is a program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) I would recommend to any dog owner. It’s a step by step process which is very easy to follow and a good introduction to positive reinforcement training. The puppy used in the videos is untrained so you actually get to see the training process first hand. Our Lab pup is doing very well and we’re seeing improvements with a very distracted JRT. I look forward to another program with Jean.

Shannon S.

Ontario, Canada

My young dog is very quick to learn, and learns the wrong things just as quickly. I have struggled with her walking on a loose leash with distractions (and she is VERY distracted). The “Walk in Harmony” program motivated me to keep up with the daily lessons and we can now walk just about anywhere in a halti. The distractions are still there in some locations but I now have the control to redirect her back to me and the treats. Transition to a flat collar may be a way off in those distracting environments but she is now offering to walk in reinforcement zone on a flat collar around distractions where a month ago she would not have managed. The program has also improved our working relationship which previously was rather frustrating for us both.

Karen J.

New Zealand

Because of the “Walk in Harmony” I can finally walk both of my dogs at the same time and go to parks, beaches and even hiking with them.. I have a 3 year old small Siberian Husky and 7 month old 100 pound Alaskan Malamute and they both are natural pullers when walking on a leash. I had to take them on walks separately because of the pulling and being distracted so I only took them one at a time up and down my block. After using this program on both dogs I can now take them on walks together and go to parks and beaches, hiking and anywhere I want.. This program is a fun-filled positive, motivating, and bonding program for both owner and their dog. “Walk in Harmony” is user friendly, day by day steps which makes it easy to understand, and very precise easy to follow videos. Mr. Jean Cote explains the reasons why each step is important and also explains which training equipment helps. This program not only helps with leash pulling but also helps you train your dog to ignore distractions such as squirrels, birds, cats, blowing leaves, smells on the ground, people and other dogs. It gets your dog to pay attention to you. I highly recommend “Walk in Harmony” program not only to new puppy owners but also anyone who wants to bond with their dog young or old. It works for all.

Ferry M.

Noord-Holland, Netherlands

I am an experienced dog trainer. I purchased this program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) to support the work that you do, as I would like to see positive reinforcement dog training to spread. Most of what you taught in your videos was review for me. My dogs already walked well on a leash most of the time, and when they didn’t I had the tools to improve things thanks to the awesome trainers and mentors in my area. I really admire what you are doing.

Anila R.

British Columbia, Canada

Walk in Harmony is a detailed, simple program to help you not only get your dog to stop pulling but to learn some basics of dog training. Jean is extremely responsive to questions and often answers in less than an hour after posting (I’m not sure the guy ever sleeps). I would highly recommend this program.

Kathy H.

New Jersey, USA

I’m not comfortable giving testimonials. Having said that I will tell you that I learned techniques to train my dog without being harsh and without putting a lot of pressure on a young dog, and I love that.

Wendy H.

British Columbia, Canada

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) helped me a lot. My dog is better on leash. He still needs some times to practice but I think he’s a slow learner. And since it’s still very cold here in Quebec we don’t do much walk outside yet. I would strongly recommend the program. I know people that would definitely need that program but I can’t give them the class i have since the access is for me only.

Lyne G.

Québec, Canada

Jean’s “Walk in Harmony” program is one that uses only positive reinforcement, incorporating tricks and play time into each training session, which ultimately builds trust and respect between dog and owner. It does not take too much time and the instructions are very clear and easy to do. I highly recommend this way of training our pets, especially because it’s fun for both parties!

Carol S.

Rhode Island, USA

This program (Fido Come!) has been a fantastic help for me & my Yorkie. I have searched in vain for a trainer to help me control unwanted behaviors my dog was exhibiting and no one seemed to be able to help. I stumbled across this program and from day one had amazing results. I love how Jean breaks down everything so even a novice like myself can understand what I need to do to train my dog. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

Mary M.

Scotland, UK

The method taught in Good Dog Every Day is SO effective. I love how my dogs are always happy and love learning. What a wonderful tool. Thank you!!

Sue Q.

Florida, USA

I Found this to be one of the most beneficial programs out there! Good Dog Every Day was simple, to the point & taught the basics – to the dog as well as to THE TEACHER! This was needed for the training of What EVERY DOG SHOULD KNOW! Thank you so very much in sharing this basic skill to me! It allows me to continue in the training of both my dogs, with more elaborate training skills. Since my dogs are trained with Service Dog Skills, this training has allowed me the basics & to further their education with the skills needed!

Grant A.

Colorado, USA

Thank you for your great program (Good Dog Every Day)!! It is super awesome that its filled with info and demonstrations of dog training! I have a Aussie shepherd mix dog who is very sweet around family but is nervous and aggressive around other people and dogs so I am working very hard to get her into a loving pup! This program looks like it will help out greatly!! I have become very interested in dog training since our family rescued Maddie from the pound, she has been a hard but fun challenge! Thank you very much for the awesome product!

Joel O.

Arizona, USA

I really liked the training games inside Fido Come program. I can’t wait to try the balloon one as I’m already seeing some progress in our Beagle, Boomer’s recall, especially in his agility practice.

Shan S.

California, USA

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