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“ Fantastic easy to follow and understand instructions, and clearly proves that using positive methods work. Following this and seeing the improvements in my dog is so satisfying especially when people stop and comment on how well she is behaving. It has improved our bond and partnership and she loves it, when it all comes together and she starts to repeat the behaviour I was wanting the happiness for us both is priceless. ”

Dianna C.

England, United Kingdom

 This has created a stronger bond between me and my puppy. She loves the training sessions. Positive reinforcement is by far the best training technique in my opinion, as you are working with the dog in a fun way rather than dominating the dog, and training through fear. I have been to one group training class, and was appalled at the techniques used there; this is an infinitely superior. I would definitely recommend this to any dog owner. 

Tanya H.

England, United Kingdom

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  • Training your dog to come (page 26) – This is the MOST important safety skill you can teach your dog. Think about it. If your dog were to get loose near a busy road, would he come back to you? This could literally save his or her life!
  • Walking on a loose leash (page 34) – Is your dog pulling and dragging you around the block? It shouldn't be that way! Discover an easy and simple way to get your dog to walk next to you... at the same pace as you.
  • Obedience training (page 50) – Want your dog to listen to your “Sit”, “Down” and “Stand” command? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this chapter and you’ll get your very own Lassie in very little time!
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