How To Train A Dog To Search A Group Of People

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Often seen at airports and similar environments the dog that can search a group of people is a head turner. A great trick again to have at parties and for this trick you will need a group of willing volunteers to practice on.

  1. Have a volunteer stand with the toy hidden somewhere on his body and ask the dog to find his toy.
  2. Your dog may need a little help here the realize that the toy is on a person rather than in the room so ensure that the helper gives as many hints as possible to build up the dogs awareness and confidence.
  3. When the dog realizes that the person has the toy he must immediately be given reinforcement, reward and a quick game with the toy. Add the command word here and begin to gradually bring it forward.
  4. Repeat a few times and then add a second helper so that the dog has to work out who has the toy. Repeat the reinforcement and reward.
  5. Now build up both complication of search and amount of people to be searched until your dog can find a well hidden toy on a person amid a group of other people.

Top tip; you can build the dogs confidence by having your helpers stand in a line. The person holding the toy can also give little hints at the beginning of training to help the dog along.

Dog trainers love this trick because it’s professional and encourages the dog to work hard with his nose.

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