How To Train A Dog To Say His Prayers

A fun trick that involves your dog sitting and placing his front legs onto a prop before dropping his head in apparent prayer. Once the dog knows the position, from his trick entitled hands up, he will get the idea of this one perfectly.

  1. Use the treat and reinforcement, as you did with the hands up trick, but this time encourage your dog to put both paws onto a box or chair or even onto your leg whilst you are sitting down.
  2. It is important that your dog stays in the sitting position whilst learning where to put his front paws.
  3. When he is confident putting both paws up on your chosen prop begin to withhold the reinforcement and reward until he lowers his head between his front legs.
  4. With fine tuning this position looks like the dog is saying a final prayer before going to bed. Add the command say your prayers and slowly bring the word forwards so that the dog is getting into the position when asked.

Top tip; When your dog has learned his position then by gently withholding the treat a few seconds more each time you can teach him to hold completely still whilst he is saying his prayers. This gives an amusing and fitting solemn appearance to the trick.

Dog trainers love this trick because it looks great and is quite a unique position for the dog to adopt, which encourages thought from the dog therefore providing mental stimulation.

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