How To Train A Dog To Put His Toys Away

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Teaching your dog to put his toys away is very rewarding. Watching him gather everything into a box when asked is impressive and will make you proud.

  1. For this trick you will need a toy box along with a reward and some toys.
  2. Sit with your dog and a toy next to the box.
  3. Pass him the toy over the box so if he lets go of it then the toy will land directly in the box, when he drops the toy into the box reinforce and reward.
  4. Repeat this and when he has learned that the toy going into the box provides reward gradually move the box away. Introduce the command word as the toy is being dropped into the box.
  5. Continue rewarding each time he puts his toy into the box after you have handed it to him then begin to put the toy on the floor next to the box.
  6. Ignore any behavior from your dog other than him putting his toy into the box and when he does this reinforce and reward.
  7. Expand the trick gradually to other toys.

Top tip; Moving the box away slowly will keep it in your dogs mind when he is working out what to do.

Dog trainers love this trick because it really makes the dog think about the goal to get his reward.

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