How To Train A Dog To Pick Up The Keys

How To Train A Dog To Pick Up The Keys

This tutorial is part of The Ultimate List Of Dog Trick Ideas which contains 99 other tricks like this!

A fantastic trick taught to service dogs that live with disabled and older people. Your dog will see that you have dropped your keys and pick them up from the ground to pass back to you.

For this trick it may help that you have a cute or plush key ring, even some knotted material on your key fob will help your dog to lift and carry your keys. This trick does not necessarily need a command word for it calls to the initiative of your dog.

  1. Have your dog, keys and some treats in a room and encourage your dog to play with the key ring, this can be by playing tug, chase or any game that your dog likes most.
  2. When your dog has the keys in his mouth ask him to pass them to you in exchange for a treat.
  3. Stand and drop the keys then when your dog picks them up swap with him once again for a treat.
  4. When he is confident to pick up the keys drop them on the ground and turn away, your dog should bring them to you in order to get his treat.
  5. Progress from this to dropping the keys and walking away, keep it easy and reward any persistence from your dog to pass the keys back to you.

Top tip; by keeping his confidence high and rewarding persistence you will soon teach your dog to interrupt your walk in order to swap the keys with you for a treat.

Dog trainers love this trick because it is teaching a dog to use his initiative when he sees your keys drop to the ground.

Jean Cote

Jean Cote is an animal lover and the founder of Success Dogs. For more than a decade, he has served as a coach to thousands of dog owners around the world to better train, communicate and forge a stronger bond with their dog using positive and force-free training methods.