How To Train A Dog To Give His Paw

How To Train A Dog To Give His Paw

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Few people greet a dog without asking for a paw, this trick is as old as the sit request but a dog that gives a paw on command will always bring a smile.

  1. Have your dog and some small treats in a room, show him the treats and then just watch him.
  2. Your dog will now try to work out what to do in order for you to hand over the reward. Watch his face, it will change as he thinks and he may try some behaviors that he has already learned.
  3. Whatever your dog does maintain your silence until he lifts a paw from the ground then quickly reinforce and reward.
  4. Add the command and gradually withhold the reward when practicing until your dog is giving you a paw before the reinforcement occurs.

Top tip; if your dog wanders away he may be confused, call him back and show him a treat to maintain his attention.

Dog trainers love this classic trick particularly taught with positive reinforcement.

Jean Cote

Jean Cote is an animal lover and the founder of Success Dogs. For more than a decade, he has served as a coach to thousands of dog owners around the world to better train, communicate and forge a stronger bond with their dog using positive and force-free training methods.