How To Train A Dog To Find It

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All search tasks are first based in retrieve. In fact to a sniffer dog the entire search process is a prelude to a game of retrieve. Fetching something and bringing it back on command is a nice trick that comes in useful both alone and as the beginning of further routines.

  1. To teach your dog to retrieve, you must first find an item that he likes and keep it only for retrieve and search games. A special toy is perfect for this.
  2. So have your dog, his toy and some treats handy and tease your dog with the toy then drop it on the ground in front of him.
  3. When your dog picks up the toy reinforce and reward.
  4. Repeat this and add the command word then begin throwing the toy further away and sending your dog to fetch it. Always reinforce as your dog picks up the toy and reward as you take the toy from him.
  5. Practice in as many areas as possible.

Top tip; Excited playing and tug of war are both great games that will build your dogs confidence to retrieve his toy when thrown.

Dog trainers love retrieve games because they exercise, stimulate and offer control to a dog all at once.

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