How To Train A Dog To Fetch Your Bear

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Teaching you dog to fetch a particular item is pretty easy. It is just a case of showing him what the item is referred to as. In this case we will teach him to fetch a teddy bear but feel free to replace the bear with any toy that your dog may prefer.

  1. Have some treats, a teddy bear and your dog in a room and simply place the bear on the floor in front of your dog.
  2. When he looks towards the toy pinpoint the behavior and reward with a treat.
  3. Repeat this a few times gradually encouraging your dog to touch and pick up the bear by withholding the response and the treat.
  4. Now each time you dog picks up the toy use the command word bear, and then pinpoint the behavior then reward with a treat.
  5. You can then encourage your dog to swap the bear for a treat and increase the distance he goes to fetch his toy and carry it back to you.

Top tip; when your dog fetches his bear confidently you can add other toys into the training area and only reward him for bringing the one called bear back to you.

Dog trainers love this trick because teaching a dog the name of items and to bring them for a reward has so much potential. It can work on everything from general focus to recall at the park.

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