How To Train A Dog To Fetch A Drink

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Having your dog fetch you a drink from a fridge or cupboard is entertaining and when he knows how to open a door it’s not so difficult to teach

  1. Put a toy into a low cupboard which your dog is used to opening on command (see trick entitled open the door)
  2. When he opens the cupboard ask your dog to bring you the toy. Reinforce this action by swapping with a reward. Practice this with many different toys.
  3. Then simply add a specific command and change the object from his toy to a drink of your choice.
  4. When this retrieve is learned you can move the trick to different cupboards and if possible even the fridge.

Top tip; if the drink is difficult for your dog to pick up initially then you can begin the training by wrapping it in cloth or putting it into an old sock until your dog is used to the feel of it.

Dog trainer’s love this trick because trained carefully most dogs can be taught to fetch a cold drink from the fridge for their owners.

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