How To Train A Dog To Fake An Injury

This tutorial is part of The Ultimate List Of Dog Trick Ideas which contains 99 other tricks like this!

This trick is great to fool unsuspecting visitors as your dog will lift his paw into the air feigning injury.

  1. The idea of this trick is to reinforce your dog holding one front paw steadily up in front of him.
  2. Have some treats ready and ask your dog to sit.
  3. One of the first behaviors that your dog will offer is a paw. This offer is great, but because he will probably swipe you with it you need to encourage more gentle consistent elevation.
  4. Ignore the swipe and only offer reinforcement if the paw is held still in the air. This stillness needs only be for a split second initially because it gives you something to work on. Timing needs to be perfect if you are to pinpoint this tiny pause.
  5. Now gradually withhold your reinforcement, add the command word and shape your dogs behavior until he holds his paw in the air whilst looking beseechingly towards you for his treat.

Top tip; Keeping your dog as calm as possible whilst teaching this trick will help him to focus.

Dog trainers love this trick because dog and trainer can work as a team to provoke a sympathetic reaction from any onlooker.

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