How To Train A Dog To Bounce

How To Train A Dog To Bounce

This tutorial is part of The Ultimate List Of Dog Trick Ideas which contains 99 other tricks like this!

The dog that will bounce spiritedly in the air again and again looks amazing. Jumping on the spot is a trick that could easily make your dog look like he is on springs. A great and fun act to watch and encourage.

  1. Your target stick will come in handy here and you can either use it or one of your dog’s favorite toys to encourage the initial bounce.
  2. Hold the toy or stick over the dogs head and reinforce any act that could turn into a jump to reach the stick or toy.
  3. You may initially need to reinforce a small inclination to bounce to build your dogs confidence.
  4. When the dog is bouncing gently reduce the amount of encouragement given by the stick or toy and add your command word.

Top tip; this may sound odd but often if you jump on the spot whilst teaching your dog to do the same they often get the idea.

Dog trainers love this trick because it’s a challenge as it’s not a natural behavior to teach to most dogs.

Jean Cote

Jean Cote is an animal lover and the founder of Success Dogs. For more than a decade, he has served as a coach to thousands of dog owners around the world to better train, communicate and forge a stronger bond with their dog using positive and force-free training methods.