Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Leash Fast. With 5 Minutes of Training per Day!

Your dog pulls like crazy?

You can't walk your dog without irritating biting and tugging on the leash?

Your dog lunches at everything that moves - other people, dogs, squirrels, maybe even cars?

Are you so ashamed of getting dragged down the road that you walk your dog at night when nobody can see you?

You might even fear walking your dog because the pulling is so bad that you're in physical pain with a sore wrist, arm, or shoulder.

There’s good news!

It's NOT hard to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

And to make your dog walk in harmony with you. Right by your side. On a loose leash - paying attention to YOU and focusing on YOU.

Yes, that’s right!

> No matter your dog's age.

> No matter your dog's breed.

> No matter how busy your life is.

> No matter if your dog seemed untrainable before.

I can help you. Fast and easy. It's even going to be fun - for you and your dog.

I can guide you from being frustrated or even afraid to walk your dog to being proud of your dog and getting compliments everywhere you go.

You might wonder, "Who's this guy making bold promises like that?"

My name is Jean Cote - aka "The Dog Training Guy."

I helped more than 10,000 dog owners over the past 20-plus years.

Dog owners who had the same problems with their dogs you're having with your dog today.

I had the honor to be their guide.

Guiding them to peace and harmony with their dogs, helping to transform them into perfect walking dogs...

...and forming a deeper bond doing so!

I know this sounds too good to be true.

Let me explain how my method is different and how I can help to transform your life with your dog...

The method taught is SO effective. I love how my dogs are always happy and love learning. What a wonderful tool. Thank you!

Sue Q., Clearwater, Florida

What I'm about to share isn't made up but a real story that happened to a friend.

One day this friend called telling me she got herself a dog!

She was happy and excited but also had a massive problem.

My friend told me, her dog constantly pulled on the leash like crazy, her dog paid no attention to her whatsoever, her dog never stopped biting and tugging,

...and how her dog always insisted on walking in front.

While I listened to my friend, it became clear she tried everything and didn't know what to do.

She told me how confused and ashamed she felt getting dragged down the road by her dog.

She continued telling me how she went to several dog trainers but only got poor advice.

Then she looked for help online, but what she found was even worse!

People said she needed to use a prong or choke collar and to punish her dog for pulling on the leash...

Luckily, my friend loved her dog too much to do that!

But she still didn't know what to do.

That's when she remembered me and my well-trained dogs.

She remembered how I trained them in obedience and dog agility and had them certified for therapy work.

I told my friend that most so-called experts got it all wrong.

That training her dog should be fun - for her and her dog!

And that she can get her dog to walk on a loose leash by playing training games.

Hearing all this, she asked if I could train her dog.

I wanted to say yes, but she lived over an hour away!

I told her I'd think about it.

The next day I called her back, asking if I could film the training in exchange for my help.

So I could share my method with other dog owners with the same problems...

It is true that this program you more to your dog, it did for me and Sammy. I really like positive training. I had a trainer who told me that my Sammy was beyond the chain collar and needed a prong collar.

Lucy A., San Francisco, California

She said yes.

And that's how my best-selling program, the Walk in Harmony Game Plan, was born.

I traveled back and forth and trained her dog to walk on a loose leash.

I documented all steps and how I tackled challenges that came up.

So, my program shows an untrained dog becoming a perfect walking dog...

...within ONE month!

Many courses show how to "train" a dog - with an already perfectly trained dog.

Not with me.

I show the complete journey - easy for you to follow.

Don't believe me?

Watch the short video below to see how bad my friend's dog was on the leash at the beginning.

Did you see how horrible my friend's dog was on the leash?

Constantly biting and tugging - it was a real nightmare!

Now watch this short video of our last training session after 30 days.

It's a completely transformed dog, right?

With my help, you can achieve the same!

And transforming your dog into the perfect walking dog can be done in short and fun lessons using my 100% force-free method.

A method called positive reinforcement, used by professionals for decades.

It's called positive reinforcement because you're adding something to the training - a treat, playtime, or praise - to reward a behavior you want to reinforce.

Think about it.

It simply makes more sense to train your dog by rewarding correct choices, like walking calmly next to you, paying close attention to you, looking up, asking for permission before greeting another person or dog...

...than just yanking on the leash and punishing your dog for making a mistake.

That's why cruel tools and methods, like prong or choke collars, are out-fashioned and not helpful.

They work, no doubt.

But there's a price to pay...

Positive reinforcement is by far the best training technique in my opinion, as you are working with the dog in a fun way rather than dominating the dog, and training through fear. I have been to one group training class, and was appalled at their techniques; this is an infinitely superior course. I would definitely recommend this course to any dog owner.

Tanya H., Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

...over time, your dog links the pain to you, other dogs, or people - whatever the reason for pulling.

Consequently, this triggers aggressive behavior precisely towards you, other dogs, or people - and then things escalate fast!

Luckily, you know better now.

My course shows how to train your dog in short and easy-to-follow lessons that build logically upon each other - side by side with me training my friend's dog...

...with the pure power of positive reinforcement!

The Walk In Harmony Game Plan is a pre-recorded, high-production quality video course designed to complete within one month.

It first touches on equipment, how dogs learn, how to motivate your dog, training environments, and keeping track of training goals.

Next, it teaches training games like Taking Treats, Collar Grab, Playtime, and Give.

With the basics in place, we start the daily lessons.

Small daily lessons in which we build your dog's self-control and attention skills.

Little by little, your dog will learn to ignore distractions and start to focus on you.

Watch how my friend's dog ignored a bunch of yummy pop corn on the floor:

Every day we build upon the lesson of the day before, and within one month only, you'll be the proud owner of a perfect walking dog.

And as you train your dog by playing fun games, you'll want to spend more than the 5 min daily required.

Every day we build upon the lesson of the day before, and within one month only, you'll be the proud owner of a perfect walking dog.

And as you train your dog by playing fun games, you'll want to spend more than the 5 min daily required.

So training will never be a chore but something to look forward to!

I love the program. It is a step by step process easily broken down into short lessons. The program is done in a way that it is easy to review a lesson if needed so you can work at your own pace. My dog was extremely energetic. Because of this program, our relationship has improved so much. I have seen a huge change in my dog! The “Walk In Harmony” was just what we needed!!

Fredda M., South Carolina, USA

But that’s not all!

You'll mark the completed lessons on a progress sheet to never lose sight of where you stand.

And if you should ever feel stuck - I'm always just a keystroke away.

That's right.

My Walk In Harmony Game Plan is a video course, but that doesn't mean you'll be left alone if you need help.

Under each lesson, you'll find a comment section where you can ask questions, which I respond to in detail.

Now, how much does this all cost?

Let me ask you this:

How much for a live full of peace with your dog?

This program (Walk In Harmony Game Plan) has shown me how fun and easy it can be to train my dogs. Jean breaks down something as difficult to train as loose leash walking, and makes it into a series of games that are so simple, you won’t even realize your dog is learning something. The process feels natural and playful, with no stress on you or your dog. Why would anyone train their dog any other way? I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is new to training their dog, or who has never used a positive reinforcement program before. He takes the complicated methods and terms that you may have heard from other trainers, but makes them easy to understand and put into practice with your own dog. He will make you feel like a pro, and you will soon be helping all your friends train their dogs as well.

Carol D., British Columbia, Canada

A dog that walks calmly by your side - paying attention to and focusing on you.

A dog that fills you with pride, getting praise everywhere you go.

What's your price for that? - $1,000? $10,000? Maybe even more?

Luckily, your chance to have a perfect walking dog won't cost nearly that much.

You can realize your dream today... signing up for the Walk In Harmony Game Plan for only $97!

You know what?

As you're still here, I can see you among my TOP students...

> going through the course,

> applying things learned,

> getting fast results, and

> leaving a positive review... the many that are already on my website.

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You got nothing to lose, but SO MUCH to gain!

But you must act NOW. Don't miss this chance.

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I can't wait to welcome you inside the course.

Your Jean Cote - aka "The Dog Training Guy"