Your Dog Can Be the Next Crowd-Pleasing Superstar - Within a Few Short Days!

You want your dog to perform crowd-pleasing tricks?

The tricks you see all over social media.

Tricks like riding a skateboard, carrying flowers, putting toys away, playing chess, or fetching a drink from the fridge?

Your dog can be the next superstar - no matter live at the park, your friend's BBQ, or on sites like Instagram or YouTube...

...all within a few short days!

You think that's impossible?

Then watch the short video below - it's less than 30 sec and shows what you can achieve with your dog:

Hi, my name is Jean Cote - aka "The Dog Training Guy"

I helped more than 10,000 dog owners over the past 20-plus years to successfully train their dogs.

You just saw Georgia, a dog I fostered for four days, fetching a drink from the fridge on command.

A trick I trained her from zero to perfection in the four days she stayed with me!

Yes, that's right!

It took me only four short days to train her to fetch a drink from the fridge on the command "get a drink."

You think that can't be true?

You think she must have been half there already, as it's not possible to teach a dog to perform such a stunning trick starting from zero within only four days?

Well, let me show you how Georgia responded to the water bottle in the first training session:

Now, after watching the video of my first session with Georgia, you might wonder how I succeeded in training her such an incredible trick in such a short amount of time.

How is it even possible to teach ANY dog to perform something that seems so complicated?

Is there a special trick involved, maybe even some magic?

Something that worked this ONE TIME with me and this especially "gifted" dog that I was fostering but wouldn't work with any other dog - and sure as hell wouldn't work with YOUR DOG?

Well, what if I tell you that there was no trick or magic involved and that Georgia - as cute and clever as she was - wasn't especially "gifted" or talented at all?

What if I tell you that you can teach your dog the exact same trick too, or any other trick like...

...carrying flowers or lunch boxes,

...neatly putting their toys away,

...dancing to your favorite tunes,

...playing chess or

...even riding a skateboard?

And that everything can be achieved in a fun and easy way - all within a matter of only a few short days?

I know this sounds far too good to be true.

Honestly, I'd be thinking the same if I were you.

Actually, I WAS thinking exactly the same as you...

The method taught is SO effective. I love how my dogs are always happy and love learning. What a wonderful tool. Thank you!

Sue Q., Clearwater, Florida

When I grew up, I had a neighbor with a black and white Aussie dog.

He was the cutest dog in the world - second to mine of course - and he was incredibly smart too, listening to my neighbor's commands to the T.

I remember his dog performing all sorts of jaw-dropping tricks!

The ones that baffled me the most were his dog sitting on his hind legs in prayer position, or him crawling on the grass like a secret agent, and if that's not all, his dog would jump into his arms whenever he opened them wide.

I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and so did everybody in the neighborhood.

It was simply so much fun to watch. Nobody ever got tired of it, they all only wanted to see more and more!

Naturally, I was eager to teach my dog the same kind of tricks that made my neighbor's dog the superstar of the whole neighborhood.

The problem was, I didn't know how.

Unfortunately, my neighbor - as much as he liked the attention of his dog doing all those tricks - was keeping his cards pretty close to his chest when I asked him how he trained his dog to do them in the first place.

I guess he didn't want to have any competition 🙂

Still, I was hooked and inspired by what was possible!

Even with my family moving away shortly after, I never forgot what I'd seen, and sure to recreate this with my dog.

I'd love to tell you that the answer came easy and that I figured out everything in a heartbeat...

...but that's not how the story goes.

In reality, I tried everything possible with our family dog, even listening to stupid advice using punitive methods that got absolutely no results but made the bond with my dog less close and loving.

It wasn't until many years later, after spending thousands of dollars on dog training classes and attending dog training workshops and seminars, that I finally found the answer.

And the answer came with something called "Shaping."

Shaping is nothing but geek speak for rewarding partial behaviors that shape complete behaviors - behaviors that form those tricks that stop people in their tracks as it seems impossible to teach them to a dog.

Remember the last time you saw a dog riding a skateboard, or playing chess, or playing basketball - yes, you can even teach your dog to play basketball... matter live or on social media - and wondered how on earth it was possible to teach a dog to do something like that?

Well, simply by rewarding the dog every step of the way until getting to the awesome trick that seems impossible to teach.

For example, rewarding a dog for putting one step on a skateboard with the end goal of getting that dog to ride the skateboard.

I've successfully used this technique to train my dogs all kinds of cool tricks and not only did teaching those tricks help me become a much better dog trainer... also helped me to form a much closer bond with my dogs!

I can hear you say something like...

"Good for you Jean, and now you want to tell me that I can teach my dog all those cool tricks too?"

Yes, that's exactly what I want to tell you!

I’m not comfortable giving testimonials. Having said that I will tell you that I learned techniques to train my dog without being harsh and without putting a lot of pressure on a young dog, and I love that.

Wendy H., British Columbia, Canada

See, the funny thing is, whenever I have my dogs perform their tricks - be it at the park or a friend's BBQ - people are dying to know how I was able to pull this off.

They think there must be some magic involved - like I attended Hogwarts School of Dog Training or something.

But truth be told, anyone can teach their dog tricks like that - when introduced to the proper training method.

A training method I teach step-by-step and super easy to understand in my best-selling video course Superhero Game Plan.

A course that shows in short and fun lessons how to teach your dog to do all those tricks, deepen your bond with your dog, and become a much better parent to your dog...

...some people will even say, a dog whisperer!

As you train your dog with a method that is 100% based on positive reinforcement, your dog does not only learn to perform crowd-pleasing tricks, but you also build a stronger relationship with your dog during training.

My course will show you everything you need to know to teach your dog tricks you might not think possible... matter your dog's age, matter what breed your dog is, matter how strong your bond with your dog is, matter if your dog resisted all training attempts in the past.

...and no matter if you want to teach your dog to fetch a drink from the fridge - like Georgia at the beginning - or ride a skateboard, or any other cool trick you've got in mind...

...with what you'll learn with the Superhero Game Plan... absolutely can do it!

I love the program. It is a step by step process easily broken down into short lessons. The program is done in a way that it is easy to review a lesson if needed so you can work at your own pace. Because of this program, our relationship has improved so much. I have seen a huge change in my dog!

Fredda M., South Carolina, USA

Inside, you'll learn three most crucial things that...

...guarantee your training success:


Before you start your training, you absolutely must create a strategy that sets you up for success. Most dog owners try to train their dogs without any plan in place.

That's a sure recipe for disaster!

With the Superhero Game Plan, you'll learn to create a framework that ensures both of you can perform at your very best.

This framework is laying out in detail the steps to follow that'll finally bring you to your goal of your dog doing that cool trick.

It's the perfect blend of challenge and guidance for you and your dog - this guarantees you'll never get bored or derailed.


You'll learn to train using my 5-min strategy.

If you've ever trained your dog at a local obedience class, you'll know that training for 45 or even 60 min at a time is just asking for too much.

With your dog's batteries completely drained after class - and most things totally forgotten showing up there next time.

Inside the Superhero Game Plan, you'll learn to structure your training like a pro, with sessions that last only about 5 min each and still - or rather thanks to that...

...achieving your training goals in a fast and fun way.

As I said, I trained Georgia - a dog I haven't met before - to fetch a drink from the fridge in only four days following the structure you'll learn in the course!


Every little step of the training is shown and explained from beginning to end.

That way we ensure you'll see and easily understand...

...why and how to reward your dog so your dog will always be motivated and at peak performance. to reward specific small behaviors that lead to bigger behaviors. to train the next logical step towards your overall training goal.

...and how to overcome challenges if things don't go to plan.

Imagine... with your dog showing off super cool tricks, the ones you've seen live or on sites like Instagram or YouTube, with people being amazed and cheering for more!

With the Superhero Game Plan, you can turn this vision into reality fast and easy...

...within only a few short days of training.

Following the short and easy-to-digest lessons, you're bound for success, and you'll be the center of attention at the dog park, at your friend's BBQ, or on social media.

If you're now thinking something like, "OK, Jean. That sounds stunning. What do you want for that?"

...then let me ask you this: what would a dog trainer that comes to your home want to teach your dog tricks like that?

As a matter of fact, I know a case where the owner of an English Bulldog from Florida agreed to pay a trainer $2,000 to teach his dog to ride a skateboard...

...he never had to pay the $2,000 as the trainer - known for using punitive training methods - couldn't get the dog to do it.

Luckily, you don't have to spend nearly as much to have your dog ride a skateboard, play chess, play basketball, fetch a drink from the fridge, or whatever cool trick you want your dog to perform to perfection.

And you don't have to use any punitive methods and techniques but achieve all with...

...the pure power of positive reinforcement!

As a matter of fact, I know a case where the owner of an English Bulldog from Florida agreed to pay a trainer $2,000 to teach his dog to ride a skateboard...

...he never had to pay the $2,000 as the trainer - known for using punitive training methods - couldn't get the dog to do it.

Luckily, you don't have to spend nearly as much to have your dog ride a skateboard, play chess, play basketball, fetch a drink from the fridge, or whatever cool trick you want your dog to perform to perfection.

And you don't have to use any punitive methods and techniques but achieve all with...

...the pure power of positive reinforcement!

Positive reinforcement is by far the best training technique in my opinion, as you are working with the dog in a fun way rather than dominating the dog, and training through fear. I have been to one group training class, and was appalled at their techniques; this is an infinitely superior course. I would definitely recommend this course to any dog owner.

Tanya H., Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Successfully training your dog all those amazing tricks with instructions, help and guidance of my Superhero Game Plan video course is in your reach today for only $97.

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I can't wait to welcome you inside the course.

Your Jean Cote - aka "The Dog Training Guy"