Want to Learn How to Train Your Dog Without Punishments and Physical Corrections?

Five Minutes of Play Keeps the “Bad Dog” Away!

Hi! I’m Jean Cote, founder, owner, and head-trainer at Success Dogs!

Welcome to my site! In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn a powerful dog-training secret that 99% of dog owners don’t understand.

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I want you to think back to that first day that you brought your puppy home…

Wasn’t it exciting? Didn’t you love having a new family member in the house, full of energy, innocence, and joy?

I get to see that joy in action every day, as new dog owners call on me to help them overcome the early challenges of dog training, and build positive relationships that will last forever.

But your second day as a dog owner is never as easy as the first…

Perhaps you knew that there would be an “adjustment period” with your new dog…

That there would be frustrations… struggles… and more than a few messes on the carpet!

Perhaps you’re going through that phase with your dog as we speak!

Don’t worry! Training your dog may be frustrating now, but that feeling won’t last forever…

Just Remember…

The Wrong Dog Trainings Methods Will Make You Feel Less Like a Parent, and More Like a Disciplinarian…

Even worse… they won’t help your dog develop good habits, or feel more connected to you and your family!

You see, most of the dog training methods that you’ll find on the web today are based on the “punishment mindset.”

Instead of teaching your dog what they SHOULD do, it teaches them what they SHOULDN’T do!

And before you know it, you’re constantly on the lookout for the “bad behaviors” of your dog so you can punish them.

But what if you changed your approach, and instead, focused on rewarding the behaviors you WANT instead?

Your dog will learn good habits faster, with fewer setbacks!

Kids Learn By Having Fun… So Does Your Dog!

Think about a classroom filled with 5-year-olds in a local Kindergarten. They’re embarking on a new stage of life, one that will set the foundation for their future as children, teens, and adults!

So how do kindergarteners learn? Do the best teachers use boring and drab paper assignments, or do they create exciting and engaging “hands on” activities?

Do they learn math from a textbook, or do they begin by counting cheerios, jellybeans, or gummy bears?

When you make learning fun for kids, they’re EXCITED to learn more every day!

Make it difficult and scary, and most of the information will go in one ear and out the other!

Why should you treat your dog any different?

At Success Dogs, we believe that the best way to train dogs is to make learning a fun, positive experience! And… believe it not… it’s a lot easier than you might think!


The Power Of Positive Reinforcements

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Training and Bonding With Your Dog, In Just 5 Minutes Per Day!


The secret behind The Power Of Positive Reinforcement, is that it’s simple, short, and 100% positive.

It provides step-by-step directions that you can tailor to your dog’s personality and preferences.

Forget about spending frustrating hours trying to get your dog to sit, stay, and stand at your side!

Stop feeling guilty when you have to “discipline” them!

Enjoy walking comfortably with your dog, without using painful pinch or choke collars!

And never worry again about your dog getting away from you in your yard, or in a public park. Simply apply these simple tips to teach your dog to Come on Command!

And finally, start seeing real progress in your dog training, with just 5 minutes per day of fun games that you, your family, and your dog will love!

Your Dog Will Love Training With You!

In The Power of Positive Reinforcement, you’ll learn…

  • 3 Simple exercises for teaching your dog to come when called, so that you can always keep your dog safe, even when off leash.
  • How to understand your dog’s deepest desires, and use the right treats, games, and verbal praise to inspire their success.
  • How to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, without pulling you along, or getting distracted by other dogs, animals, and neighbors.
  • How to make your dog love visiting the groomer, and taking regular baths.
  • The simple methods that I use to teach Sit, Lie Down, and Stand On Command!
  • More advanced dog tricks like spin, rollover, and the figure-eight. Your family will love teaching these!
  • And much more!

Want to Take a Positive and Fun Approach to Dog Training?

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